Voidbridge – Slotolotto Online Game Terms Of Service & User Agreement

Voidbridge is the creator, developer and publisher of the game entitled “Slotolotto” which is live on www.facebook.com/Slotolotto , and all sorts of related services are provided by Voidbridge. Therefore, Voidbridge is the copyright owner of all content related to the game and the game sites. This user agreement represents the agreement between “Voidbridge” and the real person who will benefit from the said services (hereinafter referred to as “Player or User”), and sets out the site services, usage conditions and rights and obligations of the parties involved.
The scope of this User Agreement contains this User Agreement and all warnings, letters and descriptions provided by Voidbridge in the Site related to usage, membership and Services. Upon agreeing to abide by the User Agreement terms, User also agrees to be bound by all statements announced by Voidbridge in the Site related to usage, membership and Services.


1. About Services
a. Game Conditions
Users are required to agree to the terms of this “Voidbridge-Slotolotto User Agreement” in order to start playing Slotolotto.
b. Liability
Voidbridge reserves the right to change the URL address of Slotolotto web site at any time without notice.
Slotolotto is an online game played on game servers. Therefore, you need to have an active Internet connection to play the game. Voidbridge may not be held responsible for any delays or interruptions caused by Internet service providers and/or infrastructure.
Voidbridge uses all technical facilities to keep the Slotolotto site continually accessible, complete and error-free. However, access to the Site may be blocked due to reasons outside Voidbridge’ control (force majeure, third party faults etc.) or during routine maintenance and version upgrade of the Site. Voidbridge reserves the right to limit access to the Site at any time with the purpose of securing user data, network security and Slotolotto site software.
Moreover, Slotolotto does not accept any responsibility for programming, graphics, server etc. problems to occur in the game due to special problems. If the User is adversely affected by such problems, the User may not request from Voidbridge any amendment to records or reset back to the time before any such problem occurred. Voidbridge shall use its best endeavor to resolve problems, but not guarantee any such resolutions; and Users adversely affected by such problems shall not receive any pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages.
For detailed information about the issue please see “Article 3. Content / Liability”.
Information in the web sites of Voidbridge are provided “as is”. Including and without limitation to web site content and third party information, Voidbridge offers no direct, indirect or legal guarantee as to ownership, saleability, accuracy, reliability, correctness, suitability for a purpose and/or exclusion of computer viruses.

2. Membership
a. Beginning of Membership

Membership and acknowledgment of this Agreement starts when the User completes registration to Slotolotto. Members are required to use a valid e-mail address to register and provide their contact address. Voidbridge may need to contact with the User for any reason related to Slotolotto; in such a case, e-mail address entered by the User during registration to Slotolotto shall be accepted as contact address. If Voidbridge cannot contact the User because the specified e-mail address is not working, not valid or not used actively, Voidbridge may not be held responsible for any adverse consequences to arise.

b. Termination of Membership by Voidbridge
If it deems necessary, Voidbridge can freeze, delete or close a User account without having to serve an explanation. The User can send an objection to Voidbridge in the event of record deletion, account closure or freezing, but may not make a claim on legal rights and may not request re-opening of accounts and/or re-creation of records from legal authorities.
You hereby agree and accept that Voidbridge may terminate your usage rights and access to web sites in the event that you act contrary to Terms of Use regarding Slotolotto, web sites and all related materials.
In the event of membership termination for any reason, the User is responsible for destroying all materials and applications obtained from Voidbridge sites.
c. About Refunds and Sales Channels
Slotolotto is a free browser-based online multiplayer strategy game. Players are not charged any fee to play Slotolotto. However, players can buy services detailed in the game to gain various advantages in the game.
If the User makes a payment, the User may not use his right of withdrawal as the service is provided instantly on electronic environment.
Moreover, if the membership is terminated for any reason, the User has no right to reclaim payments made.
Users can contact the Voidbridge team related to issues arising in connection with purchases and payments they make in Slotolotto and object to any undesired results. However, this is only possible if such purchases and payments are made directly over sales sites created by Voidbridge. Because, Voidbridge can provide sales services through different payment points, sites and partners (such as e-pin sellers). In such a case, intermediary firm or business partner where the purchase was performed should be contacted and problems should be solved by contacting the said intermediary firm or business partner. If the problem could not be solved with the said intermediary firm or business partner, the User may contact Voidbridge for help. In such an event, the Voidbridge team shall use its best endeavor to solve the problem, however no solution is guaranteed as Voidbridge is not the direct addressee. 

d. Misc.
Users may not request additional services or performance other than services obtained via payment. Related to Slotolotto, Users may not make request services, performance or rights other than those obtained via payment.
The User and Voidbridge are legally independent parties. There is no partnership, representation or employer-employee relation between the parties. Approval and execution of the User Agreement does not create any partnership, representation or employer-employee relation between the parties.
Users may not transfer or let others use their passwords, usernames and other rights related to Voidbridge services.

3. Content / Liability
Voidbridge offers various facilities and services to enable and facilitate communication between Users. The game forum page is included in the Services. User is fully responsible for content (such as chats and messages) created during the use of the Services. Voidbridge may not be held responsible for the content and nature of correspondence between Users. Messages about advertisements, terrorism and terrorist organizations, Ataturk, the Turkish flag, the Republic of Turkey, government, religions, racism, drugs, politicians or other legal persons; pornographic content, segregationist-separatist comments, insults and swear words; acting contrary to the constitution or other laws and harassment against other players and creating similar content is against the rules.
Voidbridge can ban Users exhibiting such behaviors and/or acting contrary to game rules/forum rules and instructions temporarily or for an indefinite time. If requested under legal obligations, personal details of said persons can be shared with competent authorities. Besides, Voidbridge reserves all legal rights against Users committing such violations.

Links to other web sites and/or portals, files and content owned and run by third parties outside the control of Voidbridge may be shared in the Slotolotto web site and player chat screens. These links may be provided by Voidbridge just for offering ease of reference to Users or for supporting the person operating the web site, and do not imply a statement or guarantee of any kind about the web site or content. Voidbridge has no responsibility for portals, web sites, files, content, web site services and products accessed through “links” on the Site. User is responsible for any damages to occur in connection with the use of such sites.

4. Prohibited Actions
a. Methods Related to Usage
It is prohibited under the terms of use to attempt to solve, change, redirect the communication between game software and servers with engineering methods, emulate game servers, create and/or run other game servers. Users have no right to interfere with the development and operation of services provided by Voidbridge, related games and general network sites by using mechanisms, software etc. Users may not exploit the game, general network site or software loopholes and may not act in a way harming the game and network site, any Users to act in this way shall be banned from the game.
Voidbridge has all rights to compensation against persons and entities performing such acts, and can appeal to competent authorities using its legal and penal rights.
b. Banned Software
It is prohibited to open the game through software other than browsers. Specifically, it’s forbidden to use software called “bot” which automatically activate, replace or complete the web interface. Users may not use scripts, automatic or semi-automatic software that give them advantage over other users. It is forbidden to use software partially or completely blocking the game content and game ads.
c. Direct Access
Users should enter the game only through the official web site of the game
www.facebook.com/slotolotto web site. It is not acceptable to have direct access into the game through means other than the normal methods.
d. Misc.
The User hereby agrees and undertakes not to copy, duplicate, publish, process images, texts, visual and audio images, video clips, files, databases, catalogues and lists of Voidbridge and/or other third parties in a way that would infringe the real and individual rights or properties of said parties, and also accepts not to enter into competition with Voidbridge directly or indirectly.
Users are not allowed to share game screenshots and game data with third parties or companies, and make a verbal, written or visual statement about the game including digital communication without taking prior written consent from Voidbridge. Otherwise, Voidbridge may exercise its rights to indemnity, complaint and sue.
Users may not transfer, hire, sell or make available their rights and obligations under the User Agreement partially or completely to third persons or offer them to the benefit of others without taking written approval from Voidbridge.

5. Limitations of Use
a. Accounts (Records) per User
Users are not allowed to have or manage multiple records (accounts) in a Slotolotto server, and multiple users are not allowed to manage a single account. It is strictly forbidden for Users to open multiple accounts, have accounts played together in a way providing unlawful profits or to act against other Users this way; and a user found to act to the detriment of others in this ways shall be banned from the game. Moreover, Voidbridge reserves its legal rights against users who open multiple accounts as well as players who violate the game rules.

Nevertheless, players can have multiple accounts in different servers published in different languages on the condition of having a single account per server. If multiple servers are opened in the same language version, the player can have multiple accounts on the condition of having maximum one account per server. Such cases are allowed, however it is not allowed to open multiple accounts in the same server and derive unlawful profits.
b. Rules
Announcements are separately made on the related web site about Slotolotto game/service instructions and game rules. Please read these instructions and rules carefully. By accepting this Agreement, the User agrees to abide by the game instructions, rules and forum rules. Voidbridge may change game rules at any time.
Game rules apply to all users. No user is exempt from a part or the whole of game rules.
c. Blocks / Frozen Accounts
Blocks, game bans, account freezing and other similar actions can be imposed temporarily or for an indefinite time as seen fit by Voidbridge. Blocks can for certain functions or the whole game or services.

6. Data Protection
a. Storage of Personal Data
Voidbridge reserves the right to store personal data to check whether Users abide by the rules, agreement terms and applicable laws. Such data include IP addresses of Users, their connection times, connection types, registered e-mail addresses, other details, game actions and messages.
b. Data Use and Transfer
We offer you better service by means of the data you provide during registration and other system configuration data you send to our server. Your personal data are stored in our server with high security. Voidbridge may use such data within the Voidbridge site to fulfill its obligations, specify customer profile and carry out statistical studies. Voidbridge can classify the data on a database and keep them for an indefinite period of time.
- Processor, operating system, graphics card data and other similar values help us in getting the Game to work with higher performance.
- Such data help us better understand how the Game is used.
- All in-game chat records are kept in order to search for and evaluate any complaints related to violation of chat rules.
Voidbridge shall not provide User data to third parties and companies for any reason. However, if considered necessary by judicial authorities and government bodies, it is obligatory to serve personal data to such authorities. In such cases, Voidbridge may not be held responsible for any unfavorable situation Users may encounter. Moreover, Voidbridge has the right to such data in promotions, announcements etc. and all other activities related to Slotolotto or another game of Voidbridge.
c. Use of Personal Data by Users
All aspects regarding the security, storage, privacy and use of system access tools (Username, password etc.) used by the User to benefit from provided Services are under the responsibility of the User. Voidbridge has no direct or indirect liability with regard to damages and losses incurred/to incur by Users and/or third parties caused by the negligence and faults of Users in cases such as security, storage, privacy and use of system access tools.

Users may not share their data related to the games of Voidbridge with other users, persons and entities under no circumstances. Users are not allowed to share their data with third parties to derive personal benefits and without prior written approval of Voidbridge. If violated, Voidbridge reserves the right to take any and all legal actions.
This term does not apply to sharing of data and info within the scope of game rules (i.e. in-game resource transfer via permitted methods).

7. New software versions
The User’s right to access new versions, updates, upgrades and other similar services related to Slotolotto game software is at the sole discretion of Voidbridge. At the sole discretion of Voidbridge, and without having to serve a prior notice, Voidbridge can update, upgrade or develop the software at any time. Voidbridge may not be held responsible for failure to access the Game at such update periods, and may not be charged any payments or indemnities.

8. Error Reports

At the sole discretion of Voidbridge, Users can deliver error reports to Voidbridge related to the Slotolotto software. These reports are analyzed by engineers to be corrected for further updates.

9. Liability

Voidbridge may not be held responsible for any damages or handicaps to arise out of or in connection with the game. Namely, Voidbridge may not be held directly or indirectly responsible for losses, income losses or special damages arising out of an application. Serving such damage notices to Voidbridge shall not remove such limitations.
Even if notified of the possibility of damages and losses, Voidbridge and/or its employees may not be held responsible for any damages and losses, including without limitation to damages and losses directly or indirectly arising out of or in connection with any performance failures, errors, shortages, faults, operation and/or transfer delays, computer viruses and/or line and/or system faults.
User is fully responsible for obtaining and checking the software and operating system licenses required for playing Slotolotto.
User hereby agrees to be severally responsible for any and all damages and losses to arise out of User’s violation of the agreement and also all related damage claims and suits to be brought by third parties; User also agrees that no such suits, complaints and other claims shall be addressed to Voidbridge, and if Voidbridge is put under the obligation to pay any damages or claims as a result of suits brought by third parties on the grounds of a violation by User, Voidbridge shall revoke all related damages including the initial damages paid, and User also irrevocably and unconditionally agrees and undertakes to pay the already paid damages, losses and expenses at once upon Voidbridge’ request.

User hereby agrees and accepts the accuracy and legal conformity of the information and content provided by User within the Site. Slotolotto official web site is not obliged to guarantee or investigate the accuracy and legal conformity of the information and content uploaded, modified and provided by Users on the official web site, and may not be held responsible for any damages to arise out of the inaccuracy or imperfectness of such information and content.
Users who benefit from Voidbridge Services and Site Users may only take actions on the Site for legal purposes. Users have the legal and criminal liability for any and all actions they perform on the Site. Voidbridge may not be held responsible directly and/or indirectly for any damages incurred by third parties as a result of Users’ violation of the User Agreement and illegal actions they perform on the Site.

10. Force Majeure
In cases of force majeure, Voidbridge shall not be held responsible for any delayed, incomplete or failed performance of its obligations stated in this User Agreement. Voidbridge shall not be deemed faulty, negligent or imperfect in such cases, and no damages may be claimed from Voidbridge. Force majeure includes any and all unavoidable circumstances beyond the reasonable control and diligence of Voidbridge including without limitation to natural disasters, riots, wars, strikes, communication problems, infrastructure and Internet failures, power losses and bad weather conditions.

11. Intellectual Property
Unless otherwise stated in the relevant sections of the game, all content, materials, documents, graphics, designs, visual elements-drawings, game scenario, audio and visual parts, ideas, software, updates, codes, code-integrated images, brands and logos used in Slotolotto and the Site are the property of Voidbridge.
Users can enter the game by registering from
www.facebook.com/Slotolotto. The game is playable through the Internet and game servers. Users get an individual, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-commercial usage right by registering to the game. User hereby agrees that the game and related applications are copyrighted under the intellectual property of Voidbridge. In this context, User agrees and undertakes not to duplicate applications and any or all of his/her intellectual property rights related to the game, not to use the commercially, not to create any derivatives of the game, applications or materials, and not to change or abuse game logos and brands. Otherwise, User will be deemed to violate intellectual property rights and Voidbridge. reserves the right to petition, compensation and sue under such conditions.
Voidbridge reserves all rights related to Voidbridge Services, Voidbridge knowledge, Voidbridge copyrighted works, Voidbridge trademarks, Voidbridge trade profile and all assets, real and individual rights, commercial data, know-how and all owned material and intellectual property rights.

12. Amendment to the Agreement
Voidbridge, unilaterally and at its sole discretion, can amend the articles of this User Agreement, update the agreement partially or completely without having to serve a notice beforehand, but by making an announcement on the Site at a time considered suitable. By continuing to use the Slotolotto web site following the announcement of such amendments / updates on the Site, you agree and acknowledge such amendments. User Agreement may not be amended through User’s unilateral statements. Please visit the User Agreement page regularly to make sure you comply with the rules and get the latest updates.
Moreover, Users may be required to comply with specific rules of certain applications and services. All such terms and conditions are hereby included within the scope of the terms of use.

13. Disputes
Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices are the competent authority regarding any case of legal dispute. Moreover, in case of a dispute, Voidbridge records are binding as conclusive evidence. Voidbridge reserves the right to sue a player who is playing Slotolotto outside Turkey.

14. Miscellaneous Provisions
If the court of competent jurisdiction declares a provision or a part of this Agreement null and void as a result of case brought against the Agreement, other provisions and parts of the Agreement shall not be effected and stay in effect.
Voidbridge may, at its sole discretion, transfer, assign or sub-contract its contractual obligations and rights completely or partially to third parties.
User agrees to the terms of this Agreement upon registering to the game. Players who don’t accept the Agreement terms may not complete the registration and therefore, may not play the game. The effective date of this User Agreement and the game’s web site launch date are given below: