SlotoLotto is a free-to-play slot machines game which aims to excite users by discovering new machines and new rooms.
It really is easy to play, just join a room, go through one of the slot machines and begin spinning! Bet for your chance, and win! According to your level-ups, you may be able to open new slot machines and unlock new rooms. You can send your friends free coins and spins. You can play our game on Facebook platform right now. For the other platforms, please keep watching us.

You need to get at least 2 or 3 of the same symbols on a current line. Our slot machines pay from left to right.  All the winning lines for each slot machine are placed on the Paytable.
Each symbol has a different payout on every machine. Your win rate changes according to your bet and line number.

In the earlier levels while you are online in the game, for every 2 hours you can get a time bonus. Time bonuses may change depending on your level. To get the time bonus it is enough to click "collect" button at the top of the game screen, when the countdown ends. Both the time period to wait, but also the reward for the special bonuses increase as you level up.

If you can collect 4 special time bonus in the game, the next one that you get will be a Mega bonus. It is enough to click to "Collect" button on the top right corner, to get these bonuses.

If you have more friends playing Slotolotto and if you liked our fan page before, you can win more than your spin that you get from the wheel. Invite your friends to game to win more!

You can send gifts to your friends by clicking "Send Gifts" button at the bottom of the game screen.
You can also collect the gifts which are sent to you by clicking "Collect Gifts".
You may send "5 Free spins" and "50 Coins" to your friends per a day.
If you can't see your friends on your "Send Gift" list, it is because you already sent them a request in the last 24 hours.

On the leaderboard, at the top of the list, you can see your three friends who are in the highest levels in the game. And in the mid part of the leaderboard part, you can see your rank and your friends who are in the lower levels than you.

You can see your rank all over the world on "Global Ranking" part.
To see the global Slotolotto players' list click the "Global Ranking" button at the bottom of the screen. From this part you can see Today's, Yesterday's, Current Week's and All Times' top players and also whole of the players' ranks. Play more to climb up the ranks!

To level up you should spin a lot. Your experience points (XP points) will increase according to your bet and line choice. Higher bet and higher number of lines played will help you level up quicker.

You can unlock more slot machines by levelling up.
When you unlock the next slot during a game, there will be pop-up to inform you about unlocked slots. The way to level up lies in spinning and betting more, as this helps you collect more XP points.

To unlock the new rooms, you can ask 3 of your friends for help, you can try to gain the necessary experience points for the new room, or you can open it by spending FB credits.

3 or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels , activate the free spins. More Scatters can give more Free spins, it is depending on the rules of the slot machine. Besides your friends may send you free spins as gifts; which means more friends will result in more free spins!

Bonus games appear if there are at least 3 Bonus symbols on an active pay-line, after you rolled the spin. If your bonus is not on an active pay-line, you can not trigger a bonus game.

Expanding wild is a special wild feature of some slot machines in the game. Landing anywhere on a reel, it expands to turn all positions into wilds.

Some machines give you the chance to double your current win. It is just enough to "win" to make your profit double. To access the game, you should click the "double it?" button at the bottom of the game screen. When you choose this, there will be a mini-game for you. You can go on for your chance and you may double your win or you may loose your last win.

You can always play previously unlocked slot machines with your current bet.

To buy more coins, it is enough to click "buy" button at the top of the game screen.

If you can multiple your bet at least 3x up to 7x, you will get a Big win.

If you can multiple your bet at least 7x and more, you will get a Mega win and can share your win with your friends.

If you can get 5 of the same symbols on an active payline, it is called as Five-in-a-Row win. You can share your coins with your friends after this.

To use your Free spin gifts, you should click the "Collect gifts" box. You can see your total free spins on the top right corner of the screen. And you can choose the number of the free spins that you wish to use. After you chose the number of them, you can choose any of the slot machines that you want.

If you gain the free spins during the game with the Scatter symbols, your Free spins will be spinned according to your last bet and line choice. When your friends send Free spins, these can only be played with the 1 bet and maximum lines of the current slot.

You can use the buttons on the Leaderboard to send free coins and spins to your friends. After you send them these gifts, you will be able to get free spins and coins for yourself immediately too. You can use this option once per day. The free spins that you get from the Leaderboard will be added to the total amount in "Collect gifts". You can also click the "Send Gifts" button located at the right bottom corner of the lobby screen. There you will also be able to send free spins & coin gifts to groups of your friends.

When you lose your connection, our game saves your Free Spins and ask you to rescue them when you reconnect.

You can leave the free spins session anytime by clicking the "Back to lobby" button at the bottom of the screen. And when you turn back, it will be asked you to save them. If you want, you can continue to use them or you can skip it. But if you skip this part, you will loose rest of your free spins.

You can leave the Bonus game anytime by clicking the "Back to lobby" button at the bottom of the screen. And when you turn back, it will be asked you to save the bonus game. You can continue playing or you can skip this part.

You can play Lotto for free in every first login per day. To try your luck more, you can do two things:
Ask 3 of your friends to get Lotto tickets or play it again for only 2 Facebook credits.

From time to time one of the slot machines becomes featured in the game. It is a special case and even though you didn't unlock the featured slot before, you will be able to play it.

If you purchased items, but did not receive them please follow the below steps:

1- Click on Facebook “Account settings”

2- Click on “Payments”

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If you followed these steps and still encounter problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please take the following steps if you already have a registered GSM number affiliated with your Facebook account:


1- When you start the purchasing process, Buy Facebook Credits window will pop-up

2- Click on “Change” in this window

3- Click “More Payment Options”

4- Select “New Mobile Phone” and your GSM operator’s country.

5- Click on “Continue”

6- You may now register your new mobile number.

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If these do not help, you may restart your router or try installing new browsers.

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